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Stratus Capital Solutions Limited

Stratus Capital Solutions Ltd. is an independent  European based advisor specializing in the management, servicing and resolution of residual assets, illiquid and impaired fund interests including Hedge Funds, Private Equity, FoHFs and the management of ‘tail’ positions in liquidating vehicles.

Stratus was formed by the Vontobel Group in May 2012 mandated, to liquidate, service and manage the illiquid FoHF portfolios and other vehicles in liquidation formerly managed by Harcourt Investment Consulting AG, with an aggregate combined value of $350mm.

Stratus focuses on resolving the inherent conflicts of interests that can arise between the asset owner and service providers such as fund managers, audit firms, liquidators and brokers. Stratus' compensation is structured based on actual capital returned to investors whereas alternative providers may charge hourly, and/or fees may be largely based on a percentage of notional exposure and not indicative potential economic recovery. In addition, alternative providers typically do not offer detailed research services required for an informed view on prospective distributions and recovery time horizons.

The company’s services are designed to enable independent, transparent and more efficient management of residual and illiquid fund interests and portfolios by focusing on identifying and providing solutions and alternatives that translate into greater economics and operational efficiencies. 

As of January 2015, Stratus was successfully spun-out of Vontobel Group, and now operates completely independently with an expanded scope of services. 

Stratus‘s services are best applicable to institutional investors and service providers involved in the process of investing, divesting, managing and restructuring of interests of residual and / or illiquid and impaired fund assets and vehicles.

The principal focus of Stratus’ services is:
  • Analyzing Impaired/distressed Assets, Hedge Fund and Private Equity portfolios and their underlying investments, estimating their fair value, potential realization levels and payout horizons
  • Providing operational services related to aspects of the day-to-day management of funds in wind down, and internal and regulatory reporting
  • Exit services, Secondary market monitoring, deal sourcing and operational implementation
  • Research and third-party valuation services
Stratus considers the universe of illiquid investments to consist of: